Being honest about everything.
"Hey did you hear Joey's story about when he ran from the police"? "Yeah, he was being real".
by D Moo September 22, 2010
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Being authentic about where you have not been being authentic.
It was being real of you to tell me this dress made me look fat. Thank you. I had no idea you thought that and I never would have known if you went on thinking I would take it personal.
by Michael J. Taylor March 28, 2008
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Another way of saying are you being serious?, or are you being really serious, used commonly in a question to ask someone if they're being serious about something or someone. Are you being for real? is commonly also used if they're in shock about something or an situation.
"Are you being for real or are you acting dumb?"

"Are you being for real or are you just acting stupid?"

"Louis are you being for real right now or not?"

"Seriously are you being for real?"

"Are you being for real I don't believe you,

Yes I am being for real"
by Testerpmi July 12, 2022
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