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an awesome metalcore band hailing from byron bay Australia. The album 'Killing with a smile' (2005) has been a great success for them. It was produced by Killswitch engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz. It has insane guitar harmonies and gut-busting breakdowns. 'Smoke Em If Ya Got Em' is an awesome song that any metalhead will mosh to.
Taking their name from the name of the street thay had their band practise on.
"Dude did you like the parkway drive concert!??"
"Did I Like it!? Look at my pants!!"
by adam van hell May 02, 2006
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Quite possibly the finest band to ever grace this earth.
Thier latest album "Horizons" is so full of kick ass-ness that when you listen to it in your car, it induces a rage, that can only be cured by driving fast and reckless, thus said, fighting will surfice!
"WOW i was aweful close to that civillian motorist while driving recklessly, i'd best exceed the speed limit by at least 100km/h so incase of a collision i am injured badly and thus cant be arrested"

"After listining to parkway drive the erge to fight is maximised.
lets hit town, yeah?"
by ebn izkejre March 17, 2008
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A f*cking awesome metalcore band from Byron Bay Australia taking their name from the street they use to practice on...Parkway drive are 1 of, if not the best Aussie metal band ever!! Romance is Dead, Pandora and GimmeAD are 3 amazing songs by them from their album Killing With A Smile and i highly suggest you listen to them
Mh1:man have u heard Romance is dead By parkway drive
Mh2:yeah man sounds f*cking brilliant especially the part where it goes.....SO CRY ME A F*CKING RIVER BITCH!
by Little Nicky_SATAN August 19, 2006
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A Shit Hardcore Band From Byron Bay, Aus....Living Near Byron I Hate It Coz Everyone Talks About Em And They Suck And Are Loved By Emos, Scene Kids ANd Gangsta Alike i Used To Like Em Until I Found Good Bands Like Silverstein a skylit drive mozart season four year strong madina lake and good bands that can actually singunlike winston mccall the fag
Scene: "Did You See Parkway Drive"
Gangsta: "Yeah, Dawg It Was Fully Sick"
Emo: "Fuck I Just Realised How Much This Band Sux...Im Gonna Find Sum Good Bands"

Gangsta And Scene: "Ur Dead!"

emo runs off and finds good bands
by OneLastKiss May 08, 2009
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