5 definitions by fem grizzly

Put simply: to bang! If you like, having rough sex.

(P.S. This is not about raping the girl - we don't play that!)
As per Ayesha, I want to break and enter her blonde mate.
by fem grizzly November 2, 2006
In a sexual context, to penetrate the vaginal walls/ ass (if that's your preference)
Grizzly: Kai! See babe, I wan' enter her!
by fem grizzly October 10, 2006
Commonly referred to as the transfer of files in computing. During copulation, the male proceeds to 'download' at the height of arousal - preferably upon the girl.
Naija Guy F: My guy, wat's goin' on, wat you doin' tonight?

Naija Guy T: I'm jus' wit' one babe here, now.

Naija Guy F: Ah, ah! Weitin' you dey do wit' am?

Naija Guy T: (Kisses his teeth) I wan' to download in her mouth.
by fem grizzly October 10, 2006
Whack slang coined by Bizzle (of LG) purportedly describing his 'game' whilst out clubbing. Now peep this, Bizzle doesn't drink, so his 'game' is to hold a glass of coke, and with a cheesy grin (and gift of the gab) attempts to coax the ladies. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's A-B-C slang of the finest order, which has hopefully been put to bed (R.I.P), because it sux!!!

Caveat: Bizzle does actually have 'game', it's the slang that's weak!!!
Freezee: What's the deal for tonight?

Bizzle: Nothin', mayne, hit the club - usual antics.

Freezee: Are you shacking (drinking)?

Bizzle: At'all (No), I'll be there with a coke and a smile.

Freezee: Bloody 'ell!
by fem grizzly October 27, 2006
Originating from the dirty-dirty (South of the US), referring to rims that literally stick out from the tyres, this slang also refers to - put simply - a woman's backside. However, and herein lies the crux of the slang; not every woman's ass (or arse) can be described as such. Some women (rather unfortunately) have a flat ass, regardless of whether it is large in circumference or not. Much to my joy, some women with a small butt have what can be described as a poke-out. As long as it protrudes, preferably with the arch in the back (kai, i love that!), please describe it as a poke-out. Anything else is an imitation.
Damn, sonny, look at dat hispanic mami wit da poke-out. (Grits his teeth, under his breath: son, I love dat bitch.) I wanna work dat from da back!
by fem grizzly October 27, 2006