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A girl which is kind and soft hearted! She is a great friend and will always be there for you! Braylees are usually very beautiful and are nice to everyone! She is a great girlfriend although she will not date just anyone! If you come across a braylee then you should definitely stay close to her because u will never find anyone like her again! ♥
Braylee will love you forever! Braylees are very rare!
by nunya bussiness October 20, 2013
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A Braylee is a girl that has a group of friends that really care about her but doesn't know it. She surrounds herself with people that dont really care about her, known as popular kids. She repedivualy get put down by these girls, but is blind sighted by it and keeps going back to these girls. What is sad is that she is really a gorgeous, kind, smart, funny girl and those "popular kids" dont see that. But she has that small group of friends that does understands her and really does care about her. But this group feels like Braylee doesn't care about them. Thus group is always there for her, but if she doesn't start giving them the created they deserve, they might not always be there for her. Braylee is a gorgeous,kind, smart, funny, Feisty girl. If you dont have a Braylee in your life then your life isn't completed.
If you are or know this type of Braylee comment or like this. I know a type of Braylee like this.
by - a girl that knows December 05, 2018
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Braylee is a tiny girl who is very fiesty. She does well in school but has zero common sense. She has a small group of really close friends because she can seem like a bitch from an outsiders perspective
Braylee is fiesty and has no common sense . Braylee thinks that brown eggs come from cows.
by Chandler Bing Geller June 13, 2017
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