Loving, Caring and will always be there for you. Kaiden has a great smile that he doesn't like to show, he can be a player but that is only when he is single, when he is taken he is very loyal and lovable. Kaiden will make you laugh when you are upset but can also be the down on your day.
You see Kaiden over there, he looks good!!
by Samantha Locks April 25, 2019
When you go to a all white school and there's that on black kid ( Kaiden ) whos chill with everyone
by Lance Armstrongs Left Testice November 20, 2019
A boy who is broken but can be fixed, sweet,funny,playful and very dirty minded. Sometimes seems to be very sad but can be cheered up with a smile. Has deep eyes deeper than the ocean, a smile to me you fall in love with him. The ladies should watch out he's a keeper. He hides his feelings very well, usually tall blonde or brown hair and very overwhelmingly handsome<3

I love you kaiden.
Kaiden is very hot<3
by U was at the club April 11, 2019
An amazing gamer and can’t fail at anything. Nervous around people but loud online and a really handsome guy.
He’s a cool kid Kaiden
by Kings men November 25, 2018
kaiden is the best boyfriend you can ask for who is not afraid to fight to protect her toes
by lover sex October 25, 2019
In the bed girls might call him daddy. And all the girls Love him
Kaiden is so fine and he has a large penis. Last night was awesome With kaiden
by Bop1234 April 10, 2019