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A hybrid of bitch and brat. Together, the two nouns make an unadmirable person.
She's such a bratch.
by mike February 25, 2003
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1. A male bitch.
2. A frat boy or preppy male good for two things: fucking, and running errands.
3. A male prostitute who is owned by a pimp; a male who has borrowed money from you.
1. "Did you hear about Chet's hissy fit when his girlfriend wouldn't let him get blonde highlights? What a bratch!"

2. "Bratch, you're interrupting my Halo pwnage with your inane babble about the Red Sox vs the Mariners. I don't want to hear your mouth do anything but recite the alphabet on my (insert genitalia here). Now go get me a glass of merlot/whiskey and coke/Sam Adams/sandwitch, bratch!"

3. "Where's my money, bratch?"
by Nick Necrosis November 25, 2009
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Another term for bitch. Probably a development from bitch-->bizzatch-->bizzratch-->bratch.
Ex: man, I had to waste that bratch after she gave me the cleaveland steamer. How did she do that?
by Phyrexian Buttraper February 25, 2003
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(back-scratches) the marks on your back made from your partner during kinky sex.
Bro 1: Dude, that girl i left the party with last night was a freak!

Bro 2: I could tell man. Those bratches make you look like an illegal immigrant.
by Doc Dietz April 28, 2009
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This is a brat and a bitch together it is commonly used when referring to someone who acts like a brat and a bitch
Lilly: Wow abi is such a bratch
James: I know did you see her at the news room yesterday??
Lilly: Yup
James and lilly: She was being a bratch
by The random hobo under your hou September 11, 2019
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