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(gerund) When someone or something is brand matching.
"Nike socks, shoes, shorts, and shirt? Wow, you're really bratching today."
by TheOriginalAustin May 05, 2018
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Combination of bragging and bitching. When someone brags by pretending to complain about their problems that aren't really problems at all.

Common among middle class social climbers, frequently observed at Starbucks. Alternative for #whitepeopleproblems or #firstworldproblems.
Woman 1: "I'm having my new Mercedes painted a different shade of silver because so many people have that color it's just over done. I didn't notice this before I bought it last month, but there are at least 3 other of the same model and same color at the gym parking lot when I go."

Woman 2: "Will you stop bratching already?"
by jim vest March 21, 2012
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