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A drug dealer, esp. a small-time, street-level drug dealer.
"Sniff a few lines with your buddy Noriega/Then bust the half-man in the bodega" (Big Lou, "Justice Not Found")
by Anthony Brancato April 20, 2003
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A British drinking game, usually takes place in a park or at a festival, where toilets are far away. Involves each person drinking 8 pints of beer without urinating throughout; the idea being that there are on average 8 pints of blood in the human body, so after 8 pints of beer without any coming out you're half-man half-beer.
Grab some tins, we're going to Hyde Park to do Half-Man.
by LashCommanderFlash April 13, 2011
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A man who is one of the following depending on the person.


"Get out of my way half man."
"If you were not half a man you would have gotten at least a number from her."
"You are a half man, grow the other half before talking to me again."
"You are a half man too and Tyrion would still drink you under the table."
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A human with both female and male reproductive organs.
"It" was born a halfman with a penis and vagina.
by Halfman Definer March 05, 2009
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