The next generation of the blowjob...which became "Suck my Dick," then "Give me head," and finally morphed into "Give me Brain".......because, as we all know, brain is better than head. Think about it.
You might have to take a good looking woman out to a nice dinner in order to get head...... but all you have to do in order to get dope brain is get her to sit in the passenger seat of your shitty ride, flex the stereo, lite up a cigarette or a blunt and help her along with your hand on the back of her head.
by kenjmack March 04, 2007
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the newest "form" as of 06' to define giving head (blowjob)
"you know you give good brain, like you graduated from a good school"
by pmiller January 15, 2007
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blow job; head; oral sex on a male
i.)Freaky Girl by Gucci Mane

"She's a very freaky girl,
She get it from her momma.
First you get her name,
Then you get her number.
Then you get some brain in the front seat of the hummer."

ii.)joey: yo dude. this chick gave me the best brain last night.
billy: who??
joey: i dont even kno.
billy: how hot was she??
joey: about...two and a half.
billy: thats sick!!
joey: naw man. she did it PROPA!!

iii.)bob: oh my god, dont f&^% wit dat chick.
jim: y not?? she sexii as hell.
bob: she give bad brain.
jim: forreal??
bob: yea. the worst.
jim: wat happen'd??
bob: that s&*^ was slobbery as hell.
by Nunya Damnbidness February 17, 2008
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What a lot of people don't use.
In order to survive, one must use his brain.
by MetagrossX March 22, 2013
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Word used by fat, stupid, lazy males to refer to oral sex. Since these men are not accustomed to using their brains and are entirely unfamiliar with this organ, they move this function to other parts of their body. This not only kills the reliance on the brain, but allows the man to continue killing this organ with beer, fatty foods and a lazy attitude.
"Good thing all this beer, burgers and sitting around all day watching football isn't harming my brain, since brain means blowjob!"
by osibisa November 01, 2007
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When getting a blowjob, the dick goes so far in it tears the back of the throat and somehow manages to penetrate the brain
Yo dude, this hot chick totally gave me brain the other day! Too bad she died, bro.
by DrFunkenstein April 30, 2010
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