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When she gets so much dick it pokes her in the brain.
In conversation:
"Why are her eyes like that?"
"I gave Martha that brain dick and she hasn't been able to see straight since. "
by jaxonsshittercrew August 18, 2019
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The act of misleading the actual content by showing/submitting pictures of girls. For example, the thumbnails on youtube showing girls while the content itself does not include anything of the picture.
These braindicking assholes!
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Walking around like a cocky motherfucker showing off your brain like it is a big ass dick you are throwing in peoples faces.
by krillia April 19, 2018
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When your lack all motivation you couldn't give a fuck even if you wanted to. it feels like there is a dick instead of your brain in your head and its erect causes your head to go numb. Also you have the urge to question the meaning of everything.
I ve brain-dick. I need to write 5 essays for tomorrow I also have 2 exams and I start not to give a fuck.
by Pipszipopsziopszopopolisz December 11, 2017
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