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The tendency for otherwise rational males to grossly exaggerate the attractiveness level of women with an "indie" look--particularly if the female in question is in a band.
Jenny Lewis is probably a 6, but with indie goggles she's easily a 9.
by Undeployed January 08, 2010
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The first six months of a woman's engagement, when her number one priority is informing as many people as possible that she's engaged and/or showing off her wedding ring as much as possible.
It's difficult to get anything done in the office while Suzy is still in the Braggadocio Stage. All she does is talk about the wedding.
by Undeployed March 28, 2010
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Acronym for Fucking Bullshit Ticketmaster Fees--aka, the egregiously high fees charged by the evil ticketing monopoly Ticketmaster.
Jesus God, the tickets were only $16, but after the FBSTMFs they're now $27. I can't afford that.
by Undeployed January 25, 2010
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An overused, worn-out pussy--particularly one that has fallen victim to the birthing process.
I was about to hook up with Tina, then I remembered she had a kid last year. Who wants to ride a salvage title cunt?
by Undeployed April 01, 2010
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An abortion.
Bro 1: That slut I banged last month skipped her period.
Bro 2: That's not cool.
Bro 1: No worries, she took the month after pill. Problem solved.
Bro 2: Well played.
by Undeployed April 01, 2010
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The phenomenon to say one has "an eclectic taste in music"--meaning they like "all" music--when in actuality they like no music.
John: I like to think I have an eclectic taste in music.
Jane: But you can't name any albums that have come out in the last year?
John: Yeah, what's your point?
Jane: You like no music--you have eclectic ambivalence.
by Undeployed January 12, 2010
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