(Noun) (Thing)
Boycott Boy is the unfortunate result of 15 minutes of fame terminated in 10. He attempts to increase his own visiability by attacking legitimately successful brands.
Defeated by his arch nemesis Kyle Kashuv Boycott Boy has recoiled into self pity in exchange for attention he needs to live.
by NoGoodNamesLeftOrRight April 19, 2018
When all of your friends are ignoring you or "lost their phones", seemingly in an organized fashion. you feel shitty about yourself as apparently you aren't worth talking to or hanging out with.
Joe "i guess i know who my real friends are, Travis and Erik haven't called me back in 2 straight days even though they've both been updating their facebook statuses from their blackberrys. I've been friend boycotted."
by FCKERS July 7, 2010
A weak movement trying to make a statement about the bad practices at BP (a.k.a. British Petroleum)

Boycotting BP to protest their oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is a lot more logical than the fuckwitted "boycott France movement of 2001-2006. France was right and made the responsible choice to not participate in George w. Bush's Iraq War.
The Bp Boycott movement, unfortunately, is not strong enough to impact BP's profits.
by Charles_U_Farley August 11, 2010
To refuse patronage to a restaurant, store, organization or company because it is openly against homosexuality.
Let's boy-on-boycott Chick-Fil-A; I just read an article about how they oppose same sex couples.
by Valerie Irene Jackson December 1, 2011
When you are completely over boys and their dumb shit. You decide on abstaining from them for a certain period of time
I’ve had enough of the games and the heartbreak, I’m going on a boy boycott!
by emeraldeyes July 15, 2018
On January 20 we tell Thomas fuck you for the ceiling and wall pictures. Don’t reply to him or only send him a wall picture saying “Fuck you thomas
Buddybears: Oh thomas snapped me!
Gerchychawowwows: It’s Boycott Thomas Day!
Buddybears: Ahh that’s right! Fuck you thomas!
by Chasers the great January 15, 2021
Fuck you thomas. Send a god damn full face picture. Today we ignore thomas/only send him thomas wall photos. Fuck off thomas.
Hey Tommy snapped me... It’s Boycott Thomas Day...Fuck you Thomas.
by Chasers the great January 15, 2021