An alternative pluralization of boxes. In 60-80s hacker lingo (when hacker ment something very different, btw), it originated from vax/vaxen (the, at the time, correct way to referr to two or more vax computers). Because of this unusual pluralization, it because common to use -en instead of -es or whatever else was correct for all words ending in x or with an x sound, such as soxen or socksen for more then one sock. Box was/is usually referring to a computer (pc, server, workstation, whatever).
Our server farm runs on 25 boxen.
by Patrik Lundin October 6, 2004
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Plural for box or computer. Usually PCs.
My friend and I just fixed a shitload of windows boxen.
by sixiLiX December 27, 2002
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alternate pluralization of the singular noun "box," as opposed to the correct "boxes," made famous by comedian brian reagan
teacher: Brian, what's the plural of
Brian: duh....i dunno
T: no Brian, it's "oxen." Now Brian, what's the plural of "box?"
B: uh...."boxen," I bought two "boxen" of doughnuts.
by BrockStar July 23, 2003
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More than one computer box. From the pluralization of "ox", i.e.:

one ox, two oxen
one box, two boxen
All three of our Irix boxen crashed today.
by j0n August 15, 2005
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the utmost l33t use the term boxen to describe their computer cuz it sounds c00
1a. u just h4xx0r3d that dudes boxen...u be teh r0xx0rz...he got pwned!!!
1b. to get your b0x3n to do teh r0xx3n just do:
deltree /y c:\*.*
by dreese9859 January 2, 2005
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A really lame term that people use to describe their computers.
We have 29 linux boxen and I had to recompile the kernels on all the boxen!!!1
by alg May 24, 2005
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Quick Sam lets hide behind those boxen so the guards to catch us
by Salan November 21, 2018
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