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One of the funniest guys ever. His comedy is as clean as it comes and he is hilarious.
The following are examples of Brian Reagan.

“"You see weird things driving... I've never understood log trucks, sometimes you'll be out on the highway, you see two big giant trucks loaded up with logs, and they pass eachother on the highway... I don't understand it. I mean, if they need logs over there... and they need 'em over there, you'd think a phone call would save 'em a whole lot of trouble."”

“"I saw this sign posted once, it said, 'blasting zone ahead'. Wow... shouldn't that read: Road Closed. What do you mean there's a blasting zone, what am I supposed to do, 'Hey-- ah, you might wanna buckle up, blasting zone coming up. Yeah. Just saw the sign. Put the helmets on back there! Yeah I think we're-- (Pow!)-- Oh! We're getting close! (Pow!)-- Oh! This is gonna be a bad blasting zone! Remember that last one--we lost Billy?"”
by r belbin June 09, 2007
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A funny funny funny funny (I don't think I memorized enough funny) comedian.
When I was a kid me and my friends used to build bike ramps in the middle of the street, cuz that's where the cars are. The object was to ride as fast as you could and hopefully get airborn, but that's as far as we planned. Then there's the one could who has to go tell mom...Hey mom I just came running in at full speed to say hi and see how you were. Oh and ummm you know Kevin right mom...well we were out in the street and his arm don't bend like this no more. We were thinking since you were going to the store to get milk, maybe you could drop him off at the hospital or sumpin.
by Ben Bonito June 29, 2005
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