The philosophy that regardless of attractiveness, age, and possibly (thanks to science) even gender, vagina is vagina and sex is sex.
Man, that chick was less attractive than my ass chihuaha, but box is box!
by Hambizzle October 24, 2005
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smoking marijuana in a closed dumpster (hot box) designated only for cardboard boxes (box box)
Mikey and his friends are gonna hot box the box box after closing the restaurant today.
by Boone M. December 13, 2008
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The act of fisting your partner's vagina on December 26th, traditionally known as Boxing Day.
My girlfriend and I did some Boxing Box Boxing on each other this year; it's become a new Christmas tradition!
by David Tyrell December 24, 2020
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A term used by jealous gamers because their consoles are either called "Lamecube" or "Gaystation 2" and they don't know how to make properly make fun of the Xbox.
LG: I know .... uh ... SHIT-BOX! HAHAHA
RP: *slap*
LG: Back to the gutter for me *shame*

LG2: Damn Halhoe and the Shit-box
RP: Dude, your flaming against the XBOX is painfully unfunny and pathetic that I am going to have to cut my retinas amd bust my eardrums so I will never have the disgrace of having to look at you or listen to you ever again. Please do not breathe in my air.
by RP January 24, 2005
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Misspelling of Xbox. If anything's shitty, its the PS2. Xbox is commonly made fun of by PS2 fanboys and ignornt GC fans that don't own an Xbox (GC and Xbox are the two console for gaming happiness).
Shit-Box is what i `called my xbox for a while because it was slow, but then i saw how SLOW the PS2 loaded and started calling the Xbox by its real name
by chrisguy November 17, 2004
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For the record I have one of these pieces of shit along with a gamer tag but it's all collecting dust.A console that instead of actually having games on the PS2 or even some games on the gamecubes level, has to rely on overhyping there games with gimicks so that they SEEM good. Allthough it is the most powerful console of this generation the only games that show it's power are the tecmo games such as Ninja Gaiden, Dead or alive 3 etc. Final Fantasy on the ps2, and the RE series on Gamecube show more time and effort than halfassed overhyped games such as Halo 2. The console and it's games seem to only attract 8-12 year olds and casual gamers.

This is how you distinguish a real gamer from a casual 12 year old noob.

Ask him if he'd rather play a Metal Gear Solid game or Halo 2. Then judge by his answer.
Xbox fanboy- w00t I just got a Xbox for my 12th birthday and now I can make my gamertag. ooh whats this a friend request from "6th grader666"?

Xbox fanboy- No online PC games arent better. I get to pay to play with 10 year olds.

Xbox fanboy 3- Dont worry Halo I know your a noob game with huge hitboxes, autoaim and pussyass shield so you can run away in the middle of battle and try to attack again 3 5 seconds later, but I'll buy you and stick next to you cause it's all us casual gamers and children have.

Real talk- Sony specializes electronics and nintendo has been in the game business forever. Microsoft is only good for making computer Operating systems. The Xbox is just an attemp to to reel in casual gamers with a bunch gimicks. That was even said by a MS rep at the Xbox 360 press conference.
by SnakeDizzle August 11, 2005
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Another name for the X-Box gaming console.I'ts name derives from the fat load its carrying,for such low-quality gameplay,and graphics.In other words,I'ts a piece if black shit,with a green X on the top.
"Wow,are you ACTUALLY playing that load of shit console,called the "Shit-Box" gaming system?"
by Filmore May 28, 2003
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