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according to the porn industry ginch is a whore of low repute; a slag
If janice dickenson wasn't famous she would be the biggest ginch in whoredom
by adambalder September 16, 2007
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pussy that tastes and smells so rank it reminds you of those burning diarrhea farts you have after 8 pints of guinness. if you go down on a girl with popcorn pussy, you will gag and might puke. Girls that have popcorn pussy are girls that think about sex all day and get wet all day and the pussy is festering and really these girls need to douche four or five times a day and fuck them in the shower if at all possible.
I claim to not go down on girls but it is really because the girls that i hook up with have popcorn pussy. If I could fuck something less ghetto i'd probably maw down too.
by adambalder September 16, 2007
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when a greedy corporation rips you off because they can because you need their service. Most often this is sports teams, music concerts or television cable companies

this is the only time i use rape other than for its proper use. I never use facerape, always facemerked because i watched someone get beaten to death for saying facerape...no word of a lie, that one sets people off
Toronto Maple Leafs tickets were a wallet raping and we lost in overtime because the fucking management has no commitment to anything other than making the first round of the playoffs and then we have missed that two seasons in a row. Someone needs to string those guys up and run them out of town.


Jordana: Take me to the Mary J concert
Adam: how much?
Jordana: idk 300
adam: all together?
Gordon A: each
adam: HA
Gordon: so are you taking me?
Adam: No fucking way!
Jordy: Why not?
Adam: That's a wallet raping!

by adambalder September 16, 2007
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the area between the vagina and anus usually noticed for what it is when there is double penetration
I love it when Monica Mattos is wearing her bowtie.
by adambalder September 16, 2007
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when you go down on someone and they fart in your face (usually silently hence whisper) I suppose there could be a careless howler
when i was eating helen from behind she released a wicked careless whisper so i kicked her out of her own place. That's how we do.
by adambalder September 16, 2007
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a loser; someone that a bum might make their bitch and have clean them up, in every nook and cranny as well

term told to me by Benilingus of the Lingus crew
Homer looked like a real toerag giving that guy on the train a sponge bath.
by adambalder September 16, 2007
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