When your having sex with a girl doggystyle and your're about to climax you shove your thumb in her butthole, flip her so she does a rollypolly and you climax on her face
Last night I was fucking my girl and I bowling balled her, she absolutely loved it.
by mystery6969 December 28, 2014
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A gift that is intended more for the giver than the receiver.

From "The Simpsons", season 1, episode 9: "Life In The Fast Lane", when Homer gets Marge a bowling ball for her birthday inscribed with "Homer".
You got her a toolbox for her birthday?!? Kinda a bowling ball with your name on it.
by Mc1081SA August 29, 2021
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A woman with which one engages in a meaningful five minute relationship behind the bar. You pick her up, stick your meat in all three holes then chuck her in the gutter when you are done.
I had your mum last night. She's a female bowling ball
by Dr. Phil Yagash-Anass September 7, 2021
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When a fat kid walks onto the road unaware of you the driver and due to the body mass of the individual creates the car to flip as many times as James Bond in Casino Royal
individual 1: "Skert into the bowling ball lol."
individual 2: "Ahahahaha, I hope the car is alright lol."
by EnDo_Cheezuz May 14, 2017
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