a hairdo the girls wear today that was originated from the sixties "bouffant" and is NOT confused with the female version of a faux-hawk!!! You take the front part of your hair and poof it and pin it back.

samantha the girl looks sexy when she styles a bouffe.

samuel looks stunning when he rocks his faux-hawk.
by sAMMY BABBY May 23, 2006
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Bouff means money 💰
When they see me they say bouff daddy

The bouff daddy got it cracking again

I'm the bouff man
by Bouff Daddy July 3, 2017
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A song in the game in the groove. It is by machinae supremacy and it's a level 10 on expert full of crossovers and jumps.
by 5'1"Racer July 19, 2005
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a dork or geek
similar words: bouffy, bouffish, boufflike, bouffjerky
1. "i dont want to eat lunch at the bouff table anymore"
2. "To me, science is a bouffy subject," said jack.
by Roxanne July 16, 2003
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i bouffed my boyfriend off today
i want someone to bouff me off
are you getting bouffed?
by bonez85 October 26, 2007
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A dork, a loser, a geek, a smelly loser, a dumb loser, and a ugly loser.
"STOP! ur acting like a bouff!!!" shouted Sally.

"i smell a bouff" said Tito.
by Roxana2 May 1, 2004
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