Bald white guy who is World Of Warcrafts lead developer. He loves to nerf warlocks and loves to listen to forum QQ'ers. He also plays a warrior which will be rockin' season 3 weapon within the first week.
I'm quite sure the pvp warrior I have will still be rockin' a S3 weapon within the first week despite this change. - Kalgan
by Warlock Community October 16, 2007
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Shit as in: poop, feces, crap, bowel movement.
Did you see the Kalgan in the toilet?
Yeah, it was big and smelly!

Aww man! I stepped in Cow kalgan.
by Willchud January 12, 2008
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The process of introducing adverse effects to the game you know are too powerful and will prompt knee-jerk reaction nerfs to the outcry from other classes.
The Kalganism has been felt by the Warlock class since the dawn of BC.
by Ziguld October 14, 2007
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To ass-rape something beautiful and pure.
Did you see Jane and Tom's new baby?
See it, I totally kalganned the little bastard!
by The Irrefutable One April 30, 2005
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The belief system that game balance is of non importance, in the face of blatant bias to one individual class, to benefit ones own personal enjoyment of a game.

Tom "Kalgan" Chilton is the creator of this belief system, and if one dares to contest him or the belief, its rumored Lightning bolts strike said person from the sky, further more if one speaks out against Kalganism on some forums its rumored the wow gods will lock the thread in their continued efforts to convert all to said belief system.

"I'm quite sure the pvp warrior I have will still be rockin' a s3 weapon within the first week despite this change." - Kalgan Lead Developer
He who doesnt submit to Kalganism, shall be striked down with a furry of nerf bats, all hail the warrior class! -Kalgan
by Mike8765 October 16, 2007
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Another word for "shit," used by World of Warcraft players.
Kalgan is the name of a Blizzard Employee whom everybody hates because he's unfair. It is true that Kalgan plays a Warrior, and thus all nerfs to other classes are blamed on him.
Man, this nerf is a bunch of Bull Kalgan!
by formuladrixx January 15, 2008
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Definition: "Kalganize";

"To arbitrarily, inexplicably buff or nerf a class in WoW PvP, often at the expense of another class."
To be "Kalganized":

Being Kalganized can be good or bad depending on whether your class got nerfed or buffed. If you got buffed, its good, if you got nerfed it is bad. To be Kalganized is when your class either completely owns another class in a way the class being owned has no defense against or being completely owned by another class in a way that your class has no defense against.
by Sadron March 12, 2008
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