"Beb, the photo you sent makes me wanna tap you"
by Selah212 April 3, 2015
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when someone is annoying you and you stop them because you're annoyed. "tap you off" means you're going to fight with them if they don't stop
dan: * annoys myles *
myles: bro imma "tap you off" on God
by L.Mail November 19, 2019
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Friend: Dude, I hope you Cap it before you tap it. She looked nasty.

Lucky Joe: Hell ya, dude! No STDs for me!
by Zeak April 1, 2008
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Putting on a condom before douching it out on a girl.
phil-Did you wrap it before you tap it?
bob-hell naw, she let me go solo!
phil-damn, douching it out on jenn.
by zOMGitzNIK December 27, 2011
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Put on a condom before you bang a chick, or a dude.
Jim: Hey, I just had sex with Wendy.
Jerome: Nice bro, did you wrap it before you tap it?
Jim: I'm not a dumbass, I use protection.
by qw3r1y August 21, 2022
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When a man asks his fellow bachelor if he fucked the shit out of these 2 blondes for 4 straight hours. Along with sex, he asks if the man sucked nipples, "shocked" girls, and licked loads of pussy.
Man: Did you tap that again?
Bachelor: Once at her place, once at mine.
by Bob Tibbles November 28, 2006
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