the BIGGEST diamond producer in the world. the most politically stable country in the world. the only country which had its first 2 presidents with the title 'SIR'.
wer r u from? ans: Africa. Botswana
by pi123456789 November 13, 2006
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The country that yakko likes for some reason
Tunisia, Morocco, Uganda, Angola, Zimbabwe, Djibouti, BOTSWANAAAAAAA
by rik asly August 5, 2021
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to hit the bots so hard that the bots make you wana
Jesse- "Dude lets go to Botswana tonight go pick up a bot"
Shiva "I got the bot but I killed the bot I'm already at Botswana. Swana swana?"
by Boss312 November 28, 2013
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African slang meaning " Bitch, I swear. "
A bushman returns home after a long day of unsuccessful hunting only to discover his wife has burnt the last of the goat meat. He angrily exclaims " Botswana! "
by k.licious March 3, 2020
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This is when the nipple resides on the boob in relation to where Botswana sits on the globe

Very far south
Those nipples about to fall off the map on those Botswana boobs
by Working Class Hero December 14, 2020
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The term refers to American military foreign policy in which the establishment of Democracy and Civil/Human Rights are the reasons for war in the face of a so called tyrannical government. The fact that once said tyranny is toppled and America begins to do the usual of extracting resources, reducing the country to rubble via warfare, while installing their own incompetent corrupt puppet regimes is implied as a given. The end result is that American soldiers are fighting the war due to said country not being liberal enough. So while they're dying in some wartorn hellhole, Neoliberal (though sometimes Neocon as well) figures can have feel good talking points while pretending they're supporting the "good guys" and are on the "right side of history" as if life were a Marvel comic book.

The term is essentially meaningless and is used as a way to mock Neoliberal politics. See Globohomo for details
Man 1: I just joined the Army! I ship to basic next month
Man 2: Oh great and waddya gonna do, fight for Buttsex in Botswana?
by $uicideByFiring$quad December 29, 2022
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