the BIGGEST diamond producer in the world. the most politically stable country in the world. the only country which had its first 2 presidents with the title 'SIR'.
wer r u from? ans: Africa. Botswana
by pi123456789 November 13, 2006
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to hit the bots so hard that the bots make you wana
Jesse- "Dude lets go to Botswana tonight go pick up a bot"
Shiva "I got the bot but I killed the bot I'm already at Botswana. Swana swana?"
by Boss312 November 28, 2013
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African slang meaning " Bitch, I swear. "
A bushman returns home after a long day of unsuccessful hunting only to discover his wife has burnt the last of the goat meat. He angrily exclaims " Botswana! "
by k.licious March 3, 2020
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This is when the nipple resides on the boob in relation to where Botswana sits on the globe

Very far south
Those nipples about to fall off the map on those Botswana boobs
by Working Class Hero December 14, 2020
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A large parcel of cocaine, disguised in baby clothes, in order to smuggle it through border security. Often accompanied by a falsified record of adoption of a child, being taken out of a third world country.
"that bitch be bringin' us a Botswana baby"
by Tom B E May 10, 2014
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what your stomach feels like when eating things your Mom warned you not to- like : afterbirth, vietnamese whores, anti-freeze, pickled polish sausage, ATMs...
'I shouldn't have done that last ATM with that homeless dude' said the porno queen, ' it gave me botswana tummy'
by joshster August 16, 2007
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