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Wartorn is one of the lesser life forms on this planet
It's species is fat and very lazy
Example 1. Padram is of the wortorn family
I rest my case
by Drone January 27, 2004
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Adj: An unsightly almost-human. Gaunt, pungent, without decorum. Perverse, beady eyes. Not to be trusted with a female.
When I looked upon the man, I could see he had a smell about him as if heโ€™d just stepped out of the trenches. His malnourished form was more goblin than man; his face was rough, as if his head had been stuck in a popcorn machine for hours upon end. And he had eyes that glued to any woman like a perpetual form of herpes. The man was war-torn and not to be trusted with the female sex.
by Cold Roll November 07, 2018
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