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When a man hunches over a woman and eats her out, though from behind. That is, she's lying on her stomach and he's crouched over her back, pulling her legs up, naturally, to eat her out more easily. She may or may not be wearing a Mexican wrestling mask while he does this.
by Leefy Greans January 13, 2006
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A wrestling submission move where you sit on your opponent's back and pull his leg back.
Richard Simmons cried when Goldberg put him in the boston crab.
by Wayne Newton June 05, 2005
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When one is performing coitus on a pregnant female from the rear, one tapes knives to his hands while the female isn't looking. Then one flips the female on her back and using his "knife hands" proceeds to rip the baby out of her. The man is now cover in blood and has rudimentary claws and is presumably in Boston, well not really.
A coked up midget told Josh Landes all about the Boston Crab.
by The Percher November 16, 2008
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A parasitic pubic lice indigenous to the greater Boston area.
"After picking up that clinical research associate at the Red Sox game, I woke up with some fierce itching down there I tell you. What do you think the story is, fire ants?"

"Mate, sounds to me more like a case of Boston crabs".
by Simon C. Dermer January 16, 2010
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what happened to my brother on gilbert it is a pain full wwe move where you rip someones knee's back and sit on there back
he was boston crabed he screamed
by 333 May 10, 2005
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