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1.when someone gets razor burn on their pub line and there's alot of red spots.
i got fire ants after shaving last week
by Diljon November 26, 2007
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the most annoying insect in the state of Florida if the no-see-ums and mosquitos pretty much leave you alone
Agh! I just stepped in a nest of fire ants and my hand feels like it's burning up!
by grimreeker December 06, 2008
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The band featured members Chad Channing on drums, Dan McDonald on bass, Brian Wood on vocals and Kevin Wood on guitar.

Chad,is the former Nirvana drummer who got replaced eventually by dave grohl (foo fighters) and now is in the band East of the Equator. Dan McDonald and Chad worked together in The Methodists, who released one album in the 90s. Brian and Kevin Wood are brothers of Andy Wood - frontman of mother love bone.
as far as i know these songs arnt available on kazaa or winmx but can be found on "nfc" under misc downloadable for free
the fire ants album - stripped
bodies on the side of the road
mine is alive
100 wives
waiting for your love
the letter says... ( live )
by toxicseagull March 10, 2004
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