A chicken (juniors kid) that came from a farm and whom old J likely sings or raps about 99% of the time aside from wheezly and the other animals.

she has a beak and goes to school and better be good or mr J is coming for that beak for sees it from afar as he maintains his distance so that his toxicity doesn’t affect her

Bosch is also a bottle brand of liquor/wine which is conveniently yet possibly named after her
Bosch is part of junior grimes’ lineage

Bottle full of Bosch

To be a free and wild barn animal is to be a Bosch

Song by mistah J

Hanging round
Downtown by my snout 🐕

And I had sooo much champagne 🍾

To sit down and think about my snout

And then there Bosch 🐔 wasssssss


Like double cherry🍒 posh 🐓

Yea there bosch 🐔 wassssss
by Jellyfishgangsta January 1, 2022
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to consume food or drink with haste or in a hurry
Bill: Dude lets get the fuck out of here!

Chris: hang on dude let me just bosch this can of mother and we'll go


Random Aussie: Man i could bosch a pie right now somethin fierce
by Australian Chap October 25, 2008
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a girl that sleeps around; a derivitive of the word 'slag'.
danielle: did you hear about the time when she went off with that boy after the party?

britney: i know, she's such a bosch
by Frenzy October 30, 2005
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a very affluent person. can also be used in adjective form.

shouted alone, the word "bosch!" can be used as a justification for only carrying plastic (credit cords, mate) or making a reference to not being a focking skobe or pleb. the phrase can be teamed brilliantly with a smug look on ones face.

must not be confused with "bosh" which is merely a focking douchebag's attempt at distinguishing bosch(ledge) with bosch(kitchen appliance brand). However this is highly unnecessary and not well received amoungst the truely bosch community.
Example: ed is very bosch! what a ledge!!
by bosch08 March 28, 2008
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vb. to screw someone over very badly; similar to getting 'Munsoned' from the movie Kingpin
We thought the hotels were only $20 for the weekend, but we got bosched and they turned out to be $50!
by Anteater December 8, 2004
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Bosch a hole in a toilet cubicle, such as would be drilled by a bosch drill.
seen in scary movie one where his ear gets tickled by a dick. heh
by JiggaWoo August 21, 2004
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