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The "Cunt Pudge" is the area above the vagina, typically on chubby to obese people. This area can look like a continuation of stomach fat, however it is in fact a separate segment.
Dude check out the Cunt Pudge on her!
by AntEater May 23, 2014

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Short for 'sweaty neblar'
an idiot, moron, slacker, general loser, lazy, pleb
"She was such a sweaty neb, she couldn't find Paris on a map of Paris."
by anteater June 05, 2013

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vb. to screw someone over very badly; similar to getting 'Munsoned' from the movie Kingpin
We thought the hotels were only $20 for the weekend, but we got bosched and they turned out to be $50!
by Anteater December 07, 2004

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