Come here and let me bosa those lips of yours!
by Wendy Darling October 20, 2005
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Jim is trying a new food for the first time.
"Yooo this is bosa fam" -Jim
by Aaee2 August 27, 2015
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Bosa is a name that the Serbian church can give a young female. Usually because she is barefoot very often. However in Serbian Bosa can mean whatever you want it to.
by Oscarowner65487 April 15, 2018
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Its another way of saying blessed morning , it also originated from Africa
He mom have a Bosa
by Yeetuser July 19, 2019
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A word in Serbian meaning "Barefoot"
I was always barefoot when I was a baby, so the church made my second name "Bosa"
by 12345 serb April 15, 2018
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Acronym for Bordering On Sexual Assault. This term is used to describe questionable behavior that may or may not fit the legal criteria for "sexual assault" but still made people extremely uncomfortable.
"I heard he started groping some girl on the dance floor, that's some BOSA shit right there..."
by napalm113 November 6, 2018
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BOSA Breath or B.O.S.A Breath is an acronym for Breath of Satan's Ass. Typically identified with morning breath or the putrid snot breath one acquires while have a sinus infection.
When Tom woke up, he noticed burn marks on his pillow, a direct result of BOSA Breath.
by fusterclucker January 22, 2012
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