something that is fucked up beyond beleif...
holy shit my computer is borked i cant even turn this on

My word not yours cory windham!
by asdf November 17, 2002
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broken. deliberate mispelling and leetization of broken. broke > borke > bork > borked
GAH! I borked it!
dude! you borked it!
by clay May 31, 2003
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(adj.) Broken; same as borked or b0rked, but often used in a l33t or nonsensical context.
"I børked your meme!"
"Oh no! I fell off the cliff and died and børked my nose."

see also: borked, b0rked
by Lambda June 03, 2004
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When something isn't working, or messes up. Can also replace the 'F' word when used to express annoyance or frustration.

Also applicable: borking, bork
"Man, my computer keeps borking up!"

"The whole project was borked, so I had to start over."

"What the bork are you doing?"
by scumbagk December 25, 2011
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In computer software borked is usually synonomous with fucked up beyond all recognision, but usually has been delibratly done by someone who is incompatant.

This use of borked is rooted in the traditional defination, to obstruct by defimation &co. in this sense the obstruction is the fucked up, not working ness, and the defimation is that it is beyond all recognision.
Android is borked, Google didn't even use a posix, standard c compliant c library and I've seen more Java in starbucks than Davlik, no wonder there are no fucking apps for the thing, who'd waste years porting to that piece of fubar shit. Time to rm -rf / and install GNU/Linux.
by oliverthered May 27, 2013
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Josh smoked the rest of the stash, and is currently borked of his gourd.

Oh god, josh is borked.
by The master blaster (Bran) August 18, 2019
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to have sex with or fuck
andy: i have borked alot of woman in my day
dave: you've borked?
by bad company August 11, 2007
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