A word that teenagers use to describe where ever they live usually followed by the phrase, "I want to get out of this hellhole." Most of the time this word is used to detour you from the fact that it is only the person speaking it that is boring and that regardless of whether they moved or not, they're still going to lead a miserable life.
Dullard: Man, NYC is soo boring! There's nothing to do around here, I wish I could just get out of this hellhole.

Other Guy: Well, do you go to any clubs, bars, or just watch the hobos trick a tourist into giving them change?

Dullard: No way man! I can't dance, and drinking is wrong!

Other Guy: (fucking lame ass...)
by Dark. August 04, 2008
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lacking fun, tedious, monotonous, events that cause drowsiness, causes person to doze off, lame, uninteresting, unfascinating, etc.
You've never seen Monty Python and The Holy Grail?!


You're no fun!!

Oh, so I'm boring?

Pretty much..
by racheleta June 26, 2007
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I was talking to this person, and he didn't know what tranverse adverb I was using. Idiot.
by liable September 24, 2003
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my life is so BORING. I'm gonna jump off a cliff then grab my guts and eat them, then im gonna wait for them to come out then I'm gonna eat them again.
by some guy who was bored November 02, 2015
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