A terrible tv show which gives any1 a chance to publicly humiliate themselves in front of the hole country. The fact that most of the country watches it makes me want to break puppies necks and punch young children in the face.
"Hey did you watch Australian idol last nite" says joe
"Wtf is Australian Idol?" says jim
"You no the show with the fat chick and the guy with the afro" says joe
"oh yeah, it made me so mad that i killed puppies and puched babies and young children in the faces" says jim
"yep thats Australian idol" says joe
A television show supported by every media imaginable, exploiting a person completely lacking in talent, intellect, musical knowledge and money. Used to brainwash the viewer into buying music, regardless of them liking it or not. Widely popular amongst teenagers and people with similar IQ.
-See idiot
Girl: Australian Idol is on!
Guy: Hand me that skewer so I can poke it through my head.
-See annoying
by Gay Sebastian May 5, 2005
Stupid televison show hosted by two morons, one who looks like he's on speed constantly, featuring 100 or so idiots who think they will make a difference in the music industry and judged by a bloke who looks like a rock-spider, a black American who couldn't make it in her own country, and a short fat geezer with a cockatoo hair-cut who think's he knows alot about hip-hop music. Pathetic. If Bob Dylan had been born in 1980 and auditioned, would be rejected because he doesn't look 'funky' enough. For people who know nothing about music. Destroy.
Australian Idol audition-

Bob Dylan- "Well, Marcia I'm gonna sing a song of mine called Don't Think Twice It's Alright..."

*plays classic song*

Marcia, Mark and Kyle- "Sorry mate. Your not funky enough. That will never sell. NEXT!"

by PepsiCola September 15, 2006
A really bad TV show that goes to air each year on Channel 10. Nonetheless, it is fun to watch people make arses of themselves on national TV. However, once all the talentless dropkicks have been culled in the initial auditions, Idol's fun factor drops to zero.
Australian Idol should be axed and be replaced with a quality locally produced TV show.
by Paul Mauser May 31, 2006
The reality televsion show that further supports the views of Australians having no musical talent whatsoever.
Australian Idol is fucken shit.

Guy is a faggot.

Casey is fat.

Shannon is a drop kick.
by nednerb September 5, 2005
someone who has or deserves to win an Australian reality television show.
Brad is my australian idol (male version)
Deanne is my Australian idol (female version)
by Tovarich May 23, 2005