to be assimilated into the collective by something in an effort to forcibly take something of yours...

could be your computer, clan, freedom, money, effort, technological and biological distinctiveness, or your soul....

but you will know when you have been borged.

you have been warned.....
XP fucked up my system!!!! again!!!!
ive been borged!!!!!! fuck you Bill Gates!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!6^%$^$*^&^*&^#$%(*^$^

by 324430 of 9999999999999 May 13, 2005
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The act of assimilating someone else's software designs, ideas, culture, and implementations and passing them off as your own. (Some non-geeks would probably call it Copyright Enfingement... but they're not Star Trek fans.
Dave G borged my prototype.

Dave G took my prototype and showed it to the project manager as his own work.
by xsumo June 25, 2013
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excessive*obessive preoccupation with electrical devices.
i.e. Cell phones
"Like she is SO borged, she has't gotten off that cell phone ALL day. She should just implant the thing into her head and be done with it."

by Panman7 September 19, 2006
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The act of a computer and/or server being slowed down to the point of almost crashing.
Man, the WoW servers were so borged last night, people kept getting booted off the connection.
by Pendragonneo January 23, 2008
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"Lets get borged tonight"
"Im so borged"
by Fonzy February 23, 2005
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The Borg is a collective of humanoids implanted with cybernetic components in the Star Trek universe. They are from the Delta Quadrant and their ships shapes consist of massive cubes, spheres, and even pyramids. Their minds are connected to the hive mind and every drone has lost it’s individuality. The Borg can assimilate entire civilizations in just a day. They assimilate different species to gain their memories and knowledge so they can achieve perfection. The Borg also have a Borg queen, who controls the collective. The Borg has tried to assimilate humanity twice, giving us the Battle of Wolf 359 where the Federation got their butts kicked with 11,000 casualties and the loss of 39 out of 40 ships. Then the Borg tried to go back in time to April 5th, 2063 to prevent the first contact between humans and Vulcans. Thanks to Picard, humanity was not assimilated. The Borg surprisingly actually had a species they couldn’t assimilate. Species 8472 slapped the Borg in the face, having the ability to completely destroy entire planets. The Borg would finally be defeated by none other than Captain Janeway herself, using a viru- ahhhh *gets assimilated* HELP ME- I’M TURNING INT- We are Borg. Yǿʉѓ bĩǿlǿĝĩĉãl ãñd ţêĉĥñǿlǿĝĩĉãl dĩşţĩñĉţĩvêñêşş ŵĩll bê ãddêd ţǿ ǿʉѓ ǿŵñ. Rêşĩşţãñĉê ĩş fʉţĩlê.
The Borg has its famous quote:

“We are Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to serve us. Resistance is futile.”
by Grass grows, birds fly... April 23, 2021
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Drinking game consisted of blacking out. Grab a gallon jug of water and dump half of it out, then fill the rest with vodka, then put Mio in it. Shared with about 8 people.
Dude I played borg last night and got absolutely hammered.
by jdv28 March 20, 2018
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