Possibly and probably General Levy's greatest contribution to the world, featured in the track "Incredible" (The Jungle Is Massive) by M-Beat, "Booyaka booyaka" and the Jungle craze swept the world and empowered a short generation with some of the most intensely uplifting vibes with the Jungle music revolution.
"Booyaka" was quickly absorbed and accepted by humanity as a word to describe and let out the awesome feeling inside, when one is king of the world.
"Booyaka booyaka
When the general ah pass
Booyaka booyaka
M-Beat run the dance
Booyaka booyaka
We nah tek back nah talk
Booyaka booyaka
......Incredible "

by The_ALCH April 28, 2007
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Onamotapoeic expression used to indicate the sound of a gun-shot, specifically in Jamaica.
Dem bwatty boys was gwyin off like booyaka-booyaka
by Shazzam October 17, 2003
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Expression; Great!, Excellent!, Wicked! Used mainly amongst the Black community. Made even more popular by the likes of Ali-G.
It's cos I ish Black init! Booyaka, Bo-Selector! Aight!!!
by Bruce Lee March 30, 2003
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A "lingo" that Selphie, a character from Final Fantasy 8 wants to spread. Kind of like "Booya".
"Booyaka! (It's a ligno I want to spread.)"
by nikkan_hanil January 15, 2004
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a term associated with reggae and jungle (drum and bass) culture.

"booyaka booyaka, fi Shabba Rankin..."
by krinjah February 7, 2007
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awesome wrapped in woohoo and smothered in sweet; excalmation of happiness; something to shout out when you cant think of any other words to use
When Danica said yes to John's date, John yelled out, "BOOYAKA!".
by sdkfhsjkldf March 22, 2008
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