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The girl who makes u melt when she smiles. the girl whose eyes can see straight into you. the girl who every time you see her you cant help but smile no matter the mood your in. the one who likes to be held close and when you are too far away she tells you. the one who will hit you everytime your with her. the one who could sit on the phone with you until four in the morning talking about anything in the world. the one who deserves to be treated like a queen. the one who makes you look forward to the next day and when your with her you never want to look back. the girl who 1000 times a day you tell her you love the way she sings
that girl over there, is a perfect definition of a danica.

-dude your totally right.
by ualreadyknow1116 August 30, 2011
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A Queen. A true leader. Even though she could get bitchy sometimes, she still is very fun to hang around with. She could be a badass or bad girl at some points, but other times she just tries to make you laugh
"Who's that badass bitch?"

"Oh, that's a Danica"
by pancakes_ May 1, 2018
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Meaning most beautiful girl on the face of the earth.

Danica is a word that means the most amazing person ever. Fun to be around, the sweetest person ever. It also means most perfect girlfriend ever.
"You see that girl over there?"


"Dude... shes freakin awesome!"

"Yeah i know man... Shes just so perfect!"

"I bet ya shes a danica."

"Foshizzle yo"
by pancakes_ May 1, 2018
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It is of Slavic and Latin origin, and the meaning of Danica is "morning star. She is the nicest person you'll ever meet. She is smart, funny and unbelievably cute. She's a good girl who knows how to party. Everyone loves her. She is usually an Aquarius, brown hair and short. She is a terrific singer. Did i mention extremely attractive?
Omg did you hear that girl sing? She must be a Danica.

Wow everyone seems to love that girl, she's a Danica alright.

Hey bro, you see that hot girl over there? I bet she's a Danica.
by A7X4Life December 23, 2013
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A female name origination from ancient Slavic mythology. Before Christianity came to the Slavs of Eastern Europe, the deity Danica was prayed to in the early morning when she was said to appear in the dawn sky as the first star, or morning star. Danica was associated with the sun and was thought to be the sun's younger sister. With the expansion of monotheism "Danica" became less associated with the deity and came to become a common girl name, holding the literal translation-"morning star."
This meaning is connected with the name Danica properly pronounced Dah-nee-tza. Its original spelling was in Cyrillic, and is a popular name throughout Serbia, and countries of the former Yugoslavia.

The simple Latin pronunciation ( Dan-ick-kuh ) is Danish, but not associated with "morning star," rather with a small white brush flower (genius and species: Cochlearia Danica) which mainly grows in the acidic rocky soils of Northern Europe(i.e. Denmark).
Why does that Serbian girl, Danica pronounce her name so weird? The "c" sounds like the double z sounds in pizza.
by Germel May 4, 2007
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a real looker, usually average height with a killer bod, amazing ass, dark hair and bright eyes. super down to earth, real, but also down to party. one of the funniest people you will ever meet, very charismatic, fiesty, the kind of girl you'll remember forever, will do things with her life. can hold her liquor, mind blowing in the bedroom. anybody is lucky to have a danika in their life.
did you see that chick over there man?" "yeah dude, she's so funny" "totally a danica, bro
by pancakes_ May 1, 2018
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Danica is a beautiful and amazing person and if there your friend you should keep them because there the best person in the world and there the person that will simply text you hi and you will smiling and they will make you happy no matter what mood your in.
"Look at that girl over there shes perfect and beautiful." "Oh she must be a Danica."
by Dentong July 22, 2019
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