A roleplaying game created by the popular video game company Square-Enix (called Squaresoft at game's release). It stands out among the other RPGs in the Final Fantasy series for its primary focus on a love story, as well as a far more futuristic world. Due to the success and hype of its predecessor, Final Fantasy 7, the eighth title has become a subject of deep controversy as to whether it is a competent game. The mass of gamers who had never touched an RPG often make their decision of the better game between VII and VIII (the Roman numerals are more often used) based on whichever they played first, and their prejudice is unwavered because of their close-mindedness and a dedication to their side of the argument.

Aside from that, FFVIII, shortened as all of the Final Fantasy games typically are, is a far more realistic take on Square-Enix's franchise.

The story, lead by the taciturn and often-dubbed "emo" main character, Squall, follows a group of mercenary soldiers in their late teens who are dragged into a battle with an evil sorceress, a battle that would likely decide the fate of the planet. Along the way, Squall's team grows: party members include Squall's instructor, Quistis Trepe, two fellow mercenary friends, Selphie Tilmitt and Zell Dincht, a mercenary from another force, Irvine Kinneas, and the leader of a half-baked rebel faction, Rinoa Heartilly. Throughout the story, the characters' histories and personalities are revealed, and their innate morals and desires are tested, thrown upon the tides of situations the world forces at them.

The games play mechanic is typical of previous FF games, including numerous side-quests, extensive conversations driven by text-bubbles to continue the story, and travel across a world map (a smaller-scaled version of the world through which the player reaches new locations). Along the way, battles are fought, most often popping up at random invervals in the well-known "Random Encounter" style of many RPGs to date. Utilizing Guardian Forces, mystical creatures with massive power, the player can attach a stock of spells drawn from enemies or at numerous "draw points" to individual stats, increasing their power in that area.

The learning curve on this "junction system" seems to be extremely wide, as many people give up on the game entirely when they cannot understand it. Meanwhile, those who pick up on the simple process of stocking and junctioning spells often also give up on the game, as the ease of obtaining extremely powerful spells and high stats breaks the difficulty, making the game extremely easy.

Despite its shortcomings and the oft comparisons to other games, particularly FFVII, Final Fantasy VIII is a strong game in its own right, with high scores in many official game reviews as well as a ferocious and defensive fanbase.
Fanboy of VII- Man, Final Fantasy 8 sucks VII, is bett!er lolz

Fanboy of VIII- squall roxors you sucks

Competent Human Being- Hmm, this definitely isn't the forum I was looking for. Wow, 500 threads about this, too.
by Typhon Took October 20, 2006
Excellent game. Good sequel to FF7. Not a good beginners game, as it is a great deal more complex than any other FF games. But, it is this complexity which is the real beauty of the game: if you know what you're doing, and you can do it well, the game becomes as easy as you want it.

An incredibly rich storyline, filled with war, peace, rivalry, and romance, with a modern-fantasy twist. And you feel like you're a young guy in a black jacket in the army with his friends whpo is out to save the world, rather than the traditional sword-dragging miserable loser common in traditional RPG's.

Has an excellent soundtrack, with some very memorable tunes. The music goes very well with the emotional scenes in the game. And if some of those scenes don't bring a lump to your throat, then you are a liar, and should be taken outside and shot in the head like a pig.

Sort of let down by the irritating draw system; if you are impatient, it will show hugely in your characters. And the fact you are not allowed to visit towns anymore after a certain point, which is a big disappointment to players like me who like to go back and do all the stuff they've missed.

Completing this game is like a shot of heroin. Seriously. Its one of the best games ever made.
Final Fantasy 8 is a great game. If you haven't played it yet, you are REALLY missing out.
by OiOiBoy June 20, 2006
The greatest video game that has ever been made. If you would like to be introduced to Final Fantasy, or to the Role Playing Game overall, Final Fantasy VIII is the place to start. With its stunning graphics and unparralleled storyline, Final Fantasy 8 takes you on an adventure of a lifetime. Whatever you do, play this game!! It will brighten your mood,
lift your spirits, and improve your life!!!
Although some bitter Final Fantasy 7-gamers tend to bad-mouth Final Fantasy 8 because they are annoyed that it surpassed 7 in every area, it is actually the greatest Final Fantasy in the series.
by Squall XX January 22, 2006
Generally considered one of the lesser of the final fantasy series's by most fans. Complaints usually come in terms of attacking the characters for all being about as interesting and motivated as cardboard, including the main character who mostly talks in the form of ellipsis, and a villain with unknown motives that just hovers like a scary ghost in the background but never really matters for the whole game. Really, the game might have been better off if all of the main characters were replaced with Tonberry's. Magic spells, which are normally a staple of final fantasy games, are only acquirable in FF8 by extracting them through either monsters, or from playing the card game. The story also suffers from a lack of creativity, and borrows many of the general plot lines from Final Fantasy 7.
~Final Fantasy 8 is generally considered a game with a couple of problems. It's the tortured adolescent of the series, starring a cast so drowned in angst that they probably should have taken some time off from saving the world to go in for a round of group therapy.

~(Cloud) Squall joins (Avalanche) Garden in order to go on a mission to stop (Shinra) The Government. Later, he becomes a body guard of (Aeris) Rinoa who falls in love with him. Soon, they discover a force much eviler than (Shinra) The Government, (Sephiroth) Edea! (Sephiroth kills Aeris) Ultimecia possesses Rinoa, so (Cloud) Squall goes after (him) her, he goes around the world trying to stop (him) her from bringing (the Meteor) time kompression. Then he finds the airship (Highwind) Ragnarok and goes to the (center of the world) end of time for the final battle. Afterward, he (mourns Aeris) saves Rinoa and everything is A-ok.
by RedDamascus February 15, 2010
Worst RPG in the Final Fantasy series. Bad storyline, BAD character development, and cars that are boxes on wheels.
Squall: Are you all right?
Rinoa: Yeah, I'm fine. I love you.
Squall: Whatever...
Rinoa: I'm a witch
Squall: I love you.

by squallisahomo January 26, 2006
Mentally-handicapped and extraordinarily queer peebags who think that Final Fantasy VIII is godly. Their whole entire existence is spent as a fucking oxymoron, and they spend a large fraction of their sad life blogging about how OMG!amazing this worthless RPG is. Unfortunately, these colorless fruits ARE the equivalent of yaoi fangirls. That means disgusting fan art, fanfiction, and shit that does not appeal to anybody but them.

They can also be referred to as Romance-Cakes, or SquallPeeInYourFacePhunTimes.
How shit, Trey! Did you see that Final Fantasy 8 fanboy's art? I almost committed self-pwnage.
by Sknninja3433 May 1, 2010