To murder something, so to speak. Usually used after someone tells a joke, and somebody adds onto it, but the add on is not funny at all, which "booths" the joke.

Named after the guy who assasinated Lincoln, as he killed the joke.

Also used to describe ruining, or killing the mood.
"Yo, so there he was, and I was like, Yoooo!"

"And I was there, and I went Yoooo!"
No response.
"Way to booth it."

"Yeah baby....I think we should take our relationship furtherrr"
"Like to McDonalds?"
"-_- Way to booth it"
by The Philadelphia Phighter October 28, 2009
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Takes anything that sits on them. It could be him, her, it, or all of the above. Booth means you enjoy the company on your lap.
Andrew booths Matt or Polly on his lap
Matt booths Andrews too
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by Yoooooo October 10, 2020
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A guy that's known for saying that he's into girls, but behind closed bedroom doors, he has sex with male teachers and young boys as well. Biggest hyprocite ever
"Ahh, so you want to be a Booth eh?"
by Unknown person666 October 10, 2020
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To stay out until 2am on a Thursday but not as "hard" as you would on a weekend. Ie. No shots.
It's a work night so let's not go hard, let's just go Booth
by JPlankton August 31, 2017
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