An absolute madlad on twitter who thinks that urban dictionary only has nice things to say about your name

- you know that Minecraft bookshelf guy on twitter?
- yeah, he’s hella gay
by PewdsDogSven October 5, 2019
simply means "everything is alright, relax"

was invented by a crazy ass maniac 200 years ago when he tried to send an email to his granny, asking for 10 apples.
Dude: Whoa, holy shite, I hope my gf doesn't find out that i screwed her mom last night, fuck...

Other dude: Man don't worry, the spider is on the bookshelf.
by August 26, 2009
Potemkin bookshelf: someone's bookshelf filled with books they've never read.

Books put on display only for the sake of display or some sort of vicarious status seeking.

Did you see that fake intellectuals bookshelf? He doesn't even have an idea of what's in those books on his shelf.
Did you see that fake intellectuals bookshelf? He doesn't even have an idea of what's in those books on his potemkin bookshelf.

Derived from Potemkin village: a village that is just a facade. Just for show. Enter any door and it turns out to be hollow. Totalitarians and dictator types tend to build these in order to impress their oppressed masses or convince the outside that they are a salubrious nation when they are not.
by Shawlatan July 7, 2022
A hot/attractive women you see, that you do you want have sex with, but cannot, since you already have a girlfriend and you are not scum enough to cheat on her. She is basically like a book that you don't read, that sits on the book shelf collecting dust.
Janice worked in the office right next to me, she was so beautiful that I often daydreamed about her in the middle of work, however I already have a girlfriend and don't want to risk an office romance either, she'll always be that bookshelf babe to me.
by StankJuice1231 August 19, 2015
Joke about children's attitude towards sex and lack of practical knowledge or reading skills.
Kid A: There's a condom behind that bookshelf.

Kid B: What's a bookshelf?
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 2, 2004
A series of mental images a girl will use to pleasure herself in the shower. This can be compared to the masculine term: Spank Bank.
Girl 1: "Oh damn girl did you see Robert Downy Jr. in Iron man?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, I'm putting that on my muffin buffin' bookshelf "
by BertGregor June 12, 2008