4 definitions by Mike Daly

Someone you would fuck even if they weren't particularly attractive, if only to put a notch on your "resume." Usually someone famous.
Even though Britney Spears has fallen so far and looks like shit now, I'd still résumé fuck her.
by Mike Daly April 9, 2008
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extremely drunk, derived from the boof box of beer from milwaukee, which was a ton of beer at an insanely low price. usually coincides with stumbling and vomitting.
I drank a pint of vodka, I'm fucking boofed.
by Mike Daly July 12, 2005
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1. A Jealous "Nigga." Especially pertaining to Niggas who are jealous of a homeboy because they can't get ass like him. Also pertains to cash and bling.
Everyone hates on 50 Cent because they are Jello Niggas.
by Mike Daly July 6, 2005
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female jag. see 4th definition
that woman never stops complaining, what a jagette
by Mike Daly July 15, 2005
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