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A Freanch-Canadain company which few have heard about but almost everyone has made use of. While the unsuspecting public was going about its busniess, the french-speaking Canadians quickly and quietly invented and manufactured hundreds and hundreds of commonly used machienes such as the ski doo, the subway, and the commercial plane. Don't believe me? Next time you go on a plane, train, or automobile; check to see who made it!
Guy: "Look who made this subway"
Dude: "Bombardier? Who the hell are they?"
Guy: "I don't know but they're everywhere!"
Dude: "lol they're probably gonna take over the world when we're not looking"
Piere Bombardier: "No they're catching on!"
by Andrew Jerabek August 03, 2006
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A junior rank held in Artillery military units. Equivalent rank to Corporal in the Army. Bombardiers will possess highly developed weapon handling skills compared to junior leaders of other Corps.
The Bombardier loaded the breech of the gun. The Bombardier was always the life of the party.
by 3LTBTY November 11, 2013
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The friend who saves you from unwanted advances. The opposite of a wing man or wing woman.
1) Grace: Hey Lacy, be my bombardier, this dude won't leave me alone.

2) Jeff: Greg, dude, thanks for being my bombardier, that chick was way too intense.
by NyxieVixie February 08, 2015
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When a gentleman raises an erection in an inappropriate environment.
Also, as a demonstration by a gentlemen to his compadres when an occasion demanding an erection occurs.
> Look at that children’s performer!
> Bombardier!
by Panhandz May 19, 2018
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