A bombardier is the type of person that wears black air forces and adidas tracksuits and goes to gym and has tattoos.
Their job is usually being a loan shark and they talk in gypsy mixed w/ romanian, play soccer (badly but they love Jabulani), wear big sunglasses and cross gold chains.
Mike: Have you seen my wallet ?
Romeo: Nu varule sa mor de l-am vazut.
Dan: You're being such a bombardier Romeo.
A male stereotype from Romania most likely. He has a black short hair, very well arranged, fake designer clothes and shoes ( he usually wears tracksuits or any kinds of low shoes cu gleznele la vedere) and the most importantly a BMW car from the 90s very well known in Romania as ''cazan'' , ''tigaie'' or less often ''cotet''. He is known for bad behavior in traffic, specifically, he considers his car superior even though it's obvious that it's not, you better give him some space on the road because he will be mad at you cause his car is special and you are not ready for this debate with him and also has cringey stickers on it. He listens to a lot of music, especially manele or live-uri de manele from his favourite ''artists'' and has a girlfriend who is a freshman in high school and ''loves him a lot'' calling him regele meu, puterea mea because of his car but she won't admit this and last but not least he is kinda older than her.
L-ai vazut ba pe bombardier in cazanul ala cum a trecut cu boboaca in dreapta?
by ihadtodoit99 July 28, 2020
a person from romania who wears vagabond, gucci, nike air force, adidas clothing and says n word just for fun, who is xenophobe and homophobe and who bodyshame
someone: what are you doing today
bombardier: taci dracu fa coardo du te si fa mi un sendvis
by credrecjrjf November 25, 2020
A Freanch-Canadain company which few have heard about but almost everyone has made use of. While the unsuspecting public was going about its busniess, the french-speaking Canadians quickly and quietly invented and manufactured hundreds and hundreds of commonly used machienes such as the ski doo, the subway, and the commercial plane. Don't believe me? Next time you go on a plane, train, or automobile; check to see who made it!
Guy: "Look who made this subway"
Dude: "Bombardier? Who the hell are they?"
Guy: "I don't know but they're everywhere!"
Dude: "lol they're probably gonna take over the world when we're not looking"
Piere Bombardier: "No they're catching on!"
by Andrew Jerabek August 4, 2006
A bombardier is a romanian stereotype of people who usually wear skinny jeans and fake designer clothes, drive an old BMW usually named a "cazan", "cratita", "tigaie", even on rare ocassions it's called a "cotet", but it usually depends on the size of it. In traffic they don't acknowledge the existence of traffic laws, and usually their signals don't work. Sometimes they hang out in groups at large scale malls and shopping centers not having money for anything. The only source of income for them doesn't consist of a job, it usually resembles something callled a "combinatie" and are done between other bombardieri. In general, most of them have an underage girlfriend starting at the age of 14; for those who don't have one, they desperately try to get a woman's attention and will listen to "muzica de jale". The choice in music for them is manele, they listen to them in their BMWs and on the bench in the park at a cheap bluetooth speaker. They tend to make themselves noticed by leaving a trail of seminte and bothering people with their loud music.
Example 1:
Dan: * waits at the red light *
Alex: Grabeste-te cumetre ca daca nu te misti cobor la tine acuma!
Dan: Why are you such a bombardier?
Example 2:
Ana: * walks home at night *
Alex: * in car *, * honks *; Da ce faci pisi vrei sa te duc undeva?
Ana: No thanks. * thinking: this guy is such a bombardier *
by panseluta66 September 16, 2021
Bombardier is a guy who thinks he has all the girls down on their knees, wears fakes from center, he doesn’t know about honey, sweetie, darling, love, a bombardier says fă, zdreanta and coarda, they live with their family and use his parents money, usually they wear adidas and nike, skinny jeans, listen to manele in front of his house with olthers bombardieri and eat semințe, he s such a dick and don’t know how to treat a woman right, but stay calm... you find this type of boy just in Romania

Ps, they think they rule the world
Your mom: He’s a bombardier stay away from him
by Zuzulina January 13, 2021
The company that sold lemons to the MTA
"Bombardier sold us lemons"
by the way, this was written on December 18, 2020