When something goes wrong and it's all your fault, it's an excuse to try and rid yourself of any blame. This comes from the 2010 FIFA World Cup where the game ball, named the Jabulani, has been the target of complaint by goalkeepers and players alike to cover up poor play.
Pissed Guy: Dude, you just rear-ended my car!
Other Guy: It wasn't my fault, it was the Jabulani.

Teacher: You just failed the last test. Did you just not choose to study?!
Student: I studied all night. It was the Jabulani.

English Commentator: Bloody hell, Rob Green just let in an easy goal! He's a very skilled keeper so it must just be that Jabulani
by FIFAJMF June 13, 2010
1. (n) the purpose designed Adidas match ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

2. (v) to mishit a ball with more power than necessary, resulting in the ball going over the bar/out of play/out of the stadium; resulting in

3. (v) to perform a task with a massively inappropriate or disproportionate level of force.
1. All the managers are using the Jabulani to cover their teams woeful performances.

2. Roberto Baggio with the penalty... He's Jabulanied it!

3. Militants in Gaza today fired a selection of rocks and sticks at illegal Israeli settlements; in retaliation, the Israeli Defence Force Jabulanied them.
by Rob Green's right hand June 17, 2010
A word that can be used as the best insult ever for 2 reasons: 1. to confuse the victim (i'm a jabu-whaaat?!) and 2. because it's a great word to say.

Also can be used as a substitute for most vulgarities.
Chelsea: should've heard what he said to me!
Holly: Bloody hell what a jabulani!

Holly: hey you had a good day?
Chelsea: nah it's been abit of a jabulani if i'm honest.

Holly: i nearly got with Nick again last night!
Chelsea: ergh hope you didn't, he's a right jabulani.
by DontSpeakAmericano July 19, 2010
To Jabulani someone, is to make them look completely useless as they misjudge the flight of Adidas' almost spherical 'Jabulani' football.
- Eiji Kawashima; "I have just been Jabulanid by Wesley Sneijder!"

- "I'm going to Jabulani you with this free-kick!"

- Prince Harry; "One Jabulanis one's dear brother frequently!"

- "World Cup goalkeepers are in constant fear of being Jabulanid."
by Bobby the Hayemaker June 19, 2010
2010 World Cup Football, Name for the 2010 World Cup Song, Drug Taking Game
The ball to be used in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, also the title of the 2010 FIFA World Cup song performed by Francis Knight and members of the Nigerian Orphan Bongo Concerto. Also a game in which whenever the Jabulani is on screen during a World Cup match you must take a Jab of 'Lani', which is heroin. A Jaboflani.
by ND Downes. May 19, 2010