Taci is a loving, caring, beautiful, sexy girl usually coming from foreign backgrounds. She's weird, fun and all things goofy but she lives for it. She's a great friend and cares massively of her immediate circle. She supports you through tough times so your not alone. Never underestimate a Taci, she's full of fun surprises and will bounce right back up after being down. As stubborn as she may be don't give up and don't loose your patience... She's worth the wait, time and all your love and affection.
Boy 1 : Ay, mandem pree Taci her backs come wam!
Mandem: Jheeze truss me.
Girl 1 : Did you see her at the party saturday she was bussin whines but no man contolled her.
Girl 2: Yea shes badder than bad!
by RedRoses476 May 25, 2018
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