1. A troubled woman that makes bad decisions for herself and is usually beautiful, seen through society's standard, which leads to exploitation through media.

2. Used as an derogatory term for Independent Women who do not see a need to have a man in their life permanently.

Note: Often, bitch is inserted for woman.
1. That stripper is one crazy woman.

2. (Derogatory and usually applied when a woman dumps a man and does not return his phone calls, e-mail, does not respond irrationaly and goes about her life, etc.) She's just a crazy woman/bitch.
by LibraLady105 March 19, 2008
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Similar to a crazy woman, but with cats. It's easy to spot a crazy cat woman, she has frizzy hair, bad fashion sense, and is normally surrounded by cats that worship her. They choose to moan and growl instead of talking, and hang out in dark alleys.
My mum is a crazy cat woman o.O
by Randycat January 19, 2009
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a woman whom has many cats and denyies it and then they die in her closet and she cant find them...she is also overweight...she eats her cats on her sleep
hey did you see that crazy cat woman munching on her cats the other day?
sure did
by Voldemort101dick June 13, 2012
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10- craziest bitch you've ever met
9- crazy stalker girl who messes with your relationships
8-will definitely hurt you if you even think about another girl, will kill the other girl you thought about.
7- burns your favorite jacket when you break up with her
6- you can smell the crazy coming off of her
5- average girl, still pretty crazy.
4- chill af girl
3- i think she is a dude shes so chill
2- i definitely see a bulge down there
1- thats definitely a man.
guy 1: so thats my girl
guy 2: dude shes a 9 on the woman crazy scale. better watch out
by Lildemon123 November 16, 2016
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