1)a smelly annoying person who cannot take a hint that he is not liked
2)the smelly vinegar like smell which the person called bof smells of
3)A substance of unknown Ph which kills anything it touches
The bof is giving me a sore head as he smells so bad
by iwudhfwieufhqwifcgi February 16, 2009
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originated at san benancio middle school
means a really fat kid who rolls around on his roller(body)
see Evan Swenson
Evan Swenson is a B.O.F.
by Francesco noto May 18, 2004
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fob spelled backwards.
"fresh off the boat."
people who arent very socialized with the american society.
look at the bof over there.

man, look at the way he/she dresses, they must be a bof.
by E.R.S. August 28, 2009
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Similar to crossfaded, it is when you consume more than one substance that impairs you.
Drew are you drunk and high?

Bitch I'm bof
by Fratimusprime March 29, 2017
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Bof is most commonly used by the humans of Lincoln old town pizza, it means, big, Oprah I'd, f**ck
Dude: dude you see that bof on table 1
Other dude: yeah man tots my goats

Dude: yeah
by Jay_bird February 18, 2018
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Mikayla: Hey Tyson, you're my B.O.F :)
Tyson: What? B.O.F?
Mikayla: Best Online Friend.
Tyson: Oh :)
by BOF May 10, 2014
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