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having sex
I was boffing her in the elevator when the doors opened.
by dude_zeon May 15, 2004

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The foremost type of exploration carried out in the search for oil and gas. the theory behind seismic exploration is a energy source on the surface making seismic waves that reflect off the oil reserviors and are recorded at the earths surface by sensors.

In land exploration the source will be either dynamite or a fleet of vibrators, in marine the source will be airguns. The sensors vary widely in type, but all have the same function as a microphone.
The seismic crew fucked up another startup.
by dude_zeon June 18, 2004

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Commonly used term in the oil industry for a seismic engineer. another wanker who knows how to read books, but can't actually do anything technical. Usually posted as an observer
here comes another seismic monkey, wanker will probably be well suited to work as an observer
by dude_zeon September 24, 2005

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Aussie-Kiwi slang of unknown origins. It is the answer to a question where the answer could be yes or no. Or where the answeree simply changes their mind halfway through answering :d
Q did you get laid last nite
A yeahno, but i was this close to a BJ
by dude_zeon May 14, 2004

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the bikini line wax that goes all the way!
check out her bermuda!
by dude_zeon May 16, 2004

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