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1. To have intercourse with a person as if by means of a boff.
2. To expel intestinal gas through the anus; break wind. Especially relevant when said expulsion is silent and particularly potent.
1. Kieran boffed Sarah all night long.
2. Steve boffed in the crowded lecture theatre.
by Kieranishere November 02, 2005
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Glass Spider was David Bowie's 1987 tour-spectacular, which many consider to be the pinacle of his career. Glass Spider has sprung a cult following, particularly in northern cities of Great Britain, notably Liverpool and Newcastle; where, reportedly, male students in their early twenties dance drunkenly to Glass Spider on VHS or DVD.
Stu, Dave, Kieran, Martin and special guests all gathered around the TV at 3am to rock out with dancers: Spazz Attack, Skeeter Rabbit, Constance Marie, Melissa Hurley and Victor Manoel. Lead, of course, by Glass Spider visionary, David Bowie!.
by Kieranishere April 16, 2006
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Pertaining to the nylon hoisery worn by women, under slacks, when they are fairly certain they will be not be having sex and therefore the offending items will not be seen.
"Mother Theresa, here's your 20 denier flesh coloured pop socks, love."
by Kieranishere November 04, 2005
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