Someone who is so much of a dick, he/she surpasses normal levels of dickery, transcending the title of a singular "dick" to achieve pluralized "bag of dicks" status.
by InfinityAblaze June 6, 2011
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An expression used to describe how terrible a situation is.
this exam sucks worse than a bag of dicks.
by Buzz KILLER February 17, 2013
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(bag-o-dix) A large bag or satchel that contains strictly the male reproductive organ; the penis. This term is usually used with insult in direct to another for them to put chunks of dicks from the bag in one's mouth for consumption.
they can eat a bag of dicks while riding their mom's bike!
by StinkmasterB October 8, 2010
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Term used to describe feeling unattractive or looking like a hot mess.
God you look like a bag of dicks, WTF happened to you?!
by SuezeeSmurd January 6, 2019
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An individual who displays an abnormal level of dick-like behavior that is equivalent to the accumulate quantity of dickness retained by a crowd of dicks filling up an official sized football stadium. The word 'bag' is merely a figure of speech and is not to be taken literally, as the amount of dickenss that a 'bag of dicks' exhibits far exceeds the limited space that a bag carries.
Dude I don't wanna go drinking with John tonight... last week he got so drunk he started a fight with the cashier over a penny, broke the door on his way out, and slapped a random guy in the face with a slim jim. He's a real bag of dicks!!!
by RealNiggaPete August 8, 2015
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Peter Steele's voice, likeness, face, and band type-o Negative.

Also a term stating something is really, REALLY bad.
"Did you hear that Peter Steele died?!!"

"Yeah man, I heard he choked on a bag of dicks"
by IMBETTERTHANROB August 14, 2011
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Bag of dicks means to be useless or dumb.
Randy(" ur just a lil head ass boiii!")
Rogan(" shut ur bitch ass up you BAG OF DICKS!!!!!!!")
Other wayyyyy... frank( I deal like a bag of dicks today.)
by November 21, 2018
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