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1) a big dude whose goofy as hell, usually bochs are also refered to as bfgs.

2) they are pretty cool dudes with huge penis's.
"yo that look at that boch over there."
"man hes pretty cool."

"hey sara i heard u fucked that mike kid? how was it?"
"it was amazing hes a boch."
by anlr@p3R1993 November 20, 2008
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Boch, you're a stud.
Hey, there goes Boch
Boch, your PaPou called
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
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An incredibly complex program that emulates an x86 (Pentium II) processor architecture computer. Useful for running software if your computer does not support it such as Windows 98 programs in a virtual PC running in Windows XP, or trying out linux if you can figure it out.
"Come on Windows 98, start up! Okay, finally!"
by Ain't getting this April 09, 2005
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anyone who has a name starting with a B, and had or is making love to someone whose nickname can be called coch, couch, or coach. Used mostly as a diss such as fag for the other person is rather large/fat in stature and may not be very attractive.
Oh, Ben and Coch had sex?! He is definitely a boch.
by anonymous squared June 20, 2006
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