i have a blizzy to smoke
by brando April 11, 2003
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Ethnic synonym for the word blunt. See blunt.
Pass the blizzy.
by Shawn Hunt January 23, 2003
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when youre feelin' reaaaal nice and just finished smoking a fat ass L yadeeegzz. & if you wantt, get reall shitfaceeddd then you'll be blizzy to the fullesssst! (blitted + dizzy)
Guy: Oh shit bro, im mad drungknrtwrtirkhdtlrK
Guy 2: Damnnnn.
Guy 2: You wanna smoke?
Guy: Hell yeah, i wanna get blizzy.
Guy 2: You ain't drunk ...
by neeEelllzz neeedaaa mo_Ok ;D October 7, 2009
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I romped your mother so hard, I got a blizzy on my pizzy
by Mya Certs September 2, 2003
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Every fifth blunt smoked is a blizzy.
"Is this my fourth blunt?"

"Naw, man, that there's a blizzy."
by Spoof January 25, 2005
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