The place where hella hoez dwell and if you miss this once in a lifetime experience, you really missed out on life (sorry, bro).
VB truly wanted to go to the boat party and find his true other half, but he was guilt tripped to the point where he chose not to go, thus leaving him without the other half, and the truth that he never will find one or even have another chance too, though he still can stay home and give himself rusty trombones.
by nesia29 May 1, 2006
Paying 4 black guys to burst into your room during sex and, in turn, ejaculate into your partners eye.
"yeah the wife said she needed more excitement in the bedroom, so I've booked as a Somalian Boat Party for next Friday.
by WiggerG October 24, 2013
n.- the hip or in crowd; being involved in said crowd or group. Opposite of the homo boat. Usually used in comparison with the homo boat.
"DUDE! Don't you wish you were in the party boat?"
by theDefiner December 4, 2004
when you are having sex on a boat and you have a girl bent over the ledge and ur doing her in the vagina and after you blow your load in her, you push her over the edge.
Last i gave Mrs. alabama party-boat on bord the U.S. Kansas.
by The tit fucker April 24, 2009
When you're goofing off by partying a few days before a test pretty much like procrastination

Originates from a pic on the web where several NY Giants players were partying on a boat in Miami before their playoff game in Green Bay in 2016
Person 1: Oh shit! We had a test?
Person 2: Did you have a New York Giants Boat Party?
Person 1: Errrrrrr
by Yankeesfan June 15, 2017