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bmb = bite me bitch
Also commonly said as bite be biatch in some text languages.
"i hope you drop dead"
by Simzy August 03, 2012
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For bitches that talk too much shit...or open their mouth when they dont suppose to.. (B.M.B)
by ECG. June 06, 2009
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bebo me back. when a person leaves you a comment on bebo and wants you to write back.
Heya bbz!! wats up?! ur bebo looks really cool! ttyl bmb xxx
by Lozzy June 07, 2006
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The act of willfully or inadvertently breaking someone's balls. Act can be literal or metaphorical. Acronym often times used in the work-place so that your co-workers or boss don't know what you are saying mainly in the form of office communicator.
Co-worker: Hey, I just got the promotion over you because I told them you are stealing. Oh yea, they fired you too.

You: Dude, you're BMB
by Dlite June 27, 2010
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