intensely negative term which may be used to define a person, event, condition, object, or almost any noun. Something that sucks immensely. In extreme cases, the speaker may say, "leaves no goat unblown."
a)QT is a fine director, but his acting blows goats.
b)$42.50 for one-day admission?!?!?!!! That blows goats!
c)Saddam Hussein leaves no goat unblown.
by no-one of consequence November 13, 2003
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When you are doing so badly in something such as sports that your time would be better spent blowing goats.
The team is blowing goats this inning.
by CANSECO33 July 8, 2015
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Refers to something a person is not happy about or something that is not fair. Is used much the same way as sucks or blows.
Working on the weekend blows goat booty!
by solaroil September 26, 2009
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A blow job received while eating goat cheese.
Dude, my girl gave me the most amazing blow goat last night!
by Dangaelberry January 23, 2012
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To badly suck. To suck worse than anything has ever sucked before. worse than diping french fries in your comatose mother in laws bed sores, eeewwwww grossss !!!!!!!!!
This freaking job blows goats for half price, Yeah what a desperation station this place is.
by March 30, 2008
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When you are doing something you hate so much that you would rather have a goat penis stuck in your mouth. Or when you totally screw something up.
When Travis asked Jeremy "How do you like your new job", Jeremy replied " i'd rather be blowing the goat"

When Jeremy asked Travis "How did your test go", Travis said" I really blew the goat on that one"

After spending the day with his inlaws, Travis called Jeremy and said "man, I'd rather be Blowing the Goat
by STR8JACKET6 October 17, 2009
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An ode to Beastiality sung to the popular childrens' tune "Row, row, row your boat"
"Blow, blow, blow a goat,
Screw a kangaroo
Finger bang an orangutan
Horny at the zoo!"

See also Fuck a Duck
by Akedos September 23, 2008
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